Venetian cuisine – dishes and specialities from montello

The restaurant

 La Valle farm house will overwhelm you with traditional Venetian dishes.
 The company continues to grow owing to its undisputed success in this field.

The secrets that individualize our cuisine from others are that we produce our own meat and wine amongst other ingredients too.  The dishes are presentable, natural and appetizing.     


Rediscover the typical Italian dishes of the past with a multitude of delicate flavours that will allow you to savour these delicious Venetian culinary delights.    


Ossocollo and salumi from Veneto
boar on a spit (Typical Venetian delicacy)  

You can also purchase products like acacia and chestnut honey. 

Specialities of the regional Venetian cuisine to savour in the serene and peaceful surrounds submerged amongst the prairies of the Montello hills.


La Valle farm house produces the ingredients served in the dishes